Where to start?

It’s been so long since I’ve done a "traditional" post that I’ve almost forgotten how!  Let’s start with the finished objects shall we?

First up, Oblique:

This was done a week or so before we got married, and it’s been worn a bit too.


PatternOblique from Knitty
Yarn:  Sheffield from Webs in Oatmeal
Mods:  I made it significantly shorter than the pattern and didn’t do the roll-back sleeves.  It’s a good length as it stands I think.
Overall:  The yarn is very fluffy and a bit pilly, but I think I can cope with that.  It’s a nice spring/autumn cardigan and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

There are some things in progress, but they can wait for next time. 

I’d like to finish this post with the ultimate FO:

For several years (about 4, maybe more), the Boy has been working on building an arcade machine from scratch.  It started with him winning a motherboard (or some bit of hardware) and wondering what to do with it.  Suffice it to say, that bit of hardware is long gone….  But, he’s been of work for a couple of weeks (actually his contract ended early and he’s looking for a new one, but the market is a little quiet), so this is what he’s been spending time on.  Many, many, many hours of work have gone into this, and some blood…. 

Finally last night I got an SMS saying *blip* *blip *blip*, and I knew the time had come – he’d got it working!   We celebrated by playing an inaugural game of Frogger, drinking some champagne (we’d brought back a magnum of Taittinger especially for this occasion), and eating the Australian version of Froggyburgers (the bread was ordinary, but we have managed to locate HP sauce, and the onions and beef were good).  Note to my mother – games of PacMan (and any other arcade game you care to name) are 20c each.  Bring your change – we have to recoup the costs somehow.  No, it’s not quite finished – there will be some glass and a proper bezel where you can see the hole in the top, but it’s good enough for now!

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